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Mr. Sanjeev Gupta

Akhil Paul - the designer (decorator) or the magician ?
The easy going disarmingly smiling friendly buddy transforms himself into an obsessed high energy perfectionist. Like an astute artist he goes about his plans delivering a mesmerizing outcome. The best part of working with him was that everything was fun; it was like going together for a happy holiday. His sensibilities are bang-on, his style endearing, his work commitment unparalleled.
I would be doing injustice in terming his work perfect as perfect is also an understatement.
Go on buddy - you are made to conquer!!!

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Mr. Raju Luthra

Mr. Paul, Our Family would like to take this opportunity to extend our warm wishes and heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful job you did for Jaspreet's wedding. In a man so young, all we could see was talent and perseverance. And a simple 'thank you' does not suffice the appreciation we have for you and your work. The beautiful lighting, candles, and overlays have been rated the best so far and are termed as "Out of the world" by the people of Agra. Your impeccable taste and efforts made sure that everything was done as it should have been. We are very fortunate that you brought our dreams to reality.
Best wishes from the Luthra family.

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Tavleen Akoi
New Delhi

We got married in 2005 at our farm. It was a logistical nightmare as no one was doing weddings at farmhouses back then. Akhil Paul not only gave me a magical experience but he and his team went the extra mile on the wedding day when it rained and hailed. The new venue was quickly and tastefully done up within few hours.

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Arjun Shrinagesh
New Delhi

The decor for all of our wedding celebrations was nothing short of spectacular, and each day of the celebrations was well-planned to the point where we had to do nothing other than to arrive at the venue and enjoy it.
Akhil Paul always delivers more than he promises.

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Mr. Rajeev Mehra
New Delhi

Akhil I'm speechless, and my feelings and gratitude will not fit in this little space. I don’t know where to start, maybe by thanking you so much for the time you gave us, those late nights, early mornings, all the junk you fed us while we were at it, the laughter, the disagreements, the brutal honesty, the confidence and most of all the love and friendship that came out of all this. You were without a doubt the best decision we made in this whole wedding planning. We were blown away by your spontaneity. You looked like you belonged here. Every step you took was nothing short of perfection. You know your work in a way no one else does. It’s a gift you have. From the smaller things to the overall picture, what you pulled off was nothing short of a miracle. Be it rain or venue changes, nothing frazzled you.You went about your work effortlessly, and the outcome was evident. You are a thorough professional, and we are grateful to you for three memorable days you gave us.
Akhil, you are and always will be special!!!!
Akhil you are special and always will be!!!!

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Vidiya Amrit Khan

A magician of sorts! Or perhaps he is the genie inside the lamp who created our dream wedding over and over again for three days and nights. Flawless, impeccable, tasteful, fun, and grand is what Akhil delivers in his decor. And undoubtedly, one of the sweetest and most patient of all the people I have come across. A mere 'thank you' is hardly enough to express how grateful I am, but a big, gigantic thank you for everything! Big hug. Xxxxx